Chief Roger Thomas

Roger Thomas has been Chief of Munsee-Delaware Nation since a bi-election in August of 2013.  He also served as an elected Counsellor in 2000 and subsequently served the remainder of that term as Chief the same year.

For twenty-six years, Chief Thomas worked at Ford, Talbotville.  He was one of the last forty employees to leave before its closure in 2011. His tenure with Ford indicates his level of dedication, productiveness, and work ethic in general.  This dedication is evident in his attendance at meetings, functions, and events of the LDCC.

Youth are a major priority for Chief Thomas. He is passionate about ensuring that we are creating a future for our youth and future generations and continually strives to provide opportunities for them to be involved in activities both within and outside of the community.  He would like to see our children succeed in whatever field of work they desire, be it on- or off-reserve.

One of the challenges to being in his position, he finds, is trying to bring everything to the community that each person wants. With limited resources, ensuring all desires are met is difficult and an issue that all First Nations are facing.  Overall, Chief Thomas strives for growth of the community, together and as one.

Chief Thomas’ humble nature won’t often put him in the limelight.  He is content to see the successes of his community emphasized, but would not take credit for them.  He is of the mindset that collaboration and cooperation is the focus in working towards the greater goal.

Some recent community initiatives that Chief Thomas is proud to be a part of are the building of a six-plex (2017), decreasing housing arrears, revising and improving the housing policy, and in general, working closely with the elected Councillors of Munsee-Delaware Nation.  He is notably proud to be a part of a Council that is tackling these issues and progressing as a Nation. Munsee-Delaware Nation continually seeks business partnerships/opportunities to aid in its progression.

Chief Thomas envisions the LDCC tightening up on the policies and procedures of various organizations, especially where Boards of Directors are concerned.  He is of the opinion that issues are less likely to arise when proper policies are in place and conformed to. Transparency is of paramount importance to Chief Thomas, therefore ensuring the transparency of other organizations is significant in his role.