Former Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin made a visit to Walpole Island Elementary School Wednesday morning. He has been a heavily involved supporter of the Walpole Island School for the past five years.

In his speech to the children of Bkejwanong,  Mr. Martin said to them, “You represent a very great people, and your going to make that very great people even greater. You’re going to make them greater because you went to this school, because you had the teachers you had, because of the  Chief and councilors you have and the Elder that spoke to you today talked about how strong your nation is going to become because of you.”

Newly Elected Chief Dan Miskokomon honored the visitors with traditional gifts from Bkejwanong. The students also gave gifts to the visitors that spoke to them.



June 21, 2014, what Walpole Island school held its annual powwow. It was a huge event this year with many vendors and many dancers, hosted by the elementary school. There were two drums and the celebration began with the grand entry honoring the communities veterans lead by the head dancers. The highlights included a science booth for students, a lacrosse game and awesome traditional food.


OPP pledges to learn traditions of Delaware First Nation

Ontario Provincial Police and band members on the Delaware First Nation made a commitment to put aside stereotypes and learn about their differences.

It’s a new program to teach officers about the different traditions of people living on this reserve.

The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding, launching a new program for police officers.

The goal is to teach police about the history, traditions and way of life of Delaware people, which is something Chief Greg Peters hopes will help clear up some of the long standing stereotypes. Read More.