June 21, 2014, what Walpole Island school held its annual powwow. It was a huge event this year with many vendors and many dancers, hosted by the elementary school. There were two drums and the celebration began with the grand entry honoring the communities veterans lead by the head dancers. The highlights included a science booth for students, a lacrosse game and awesome traditional food.


Walpole school a national first

WALPOLE ISLAND – If the efforts of a model school program pay off, Walpole Island Elementary School will be the launching pad for future engineers, scientists and astronauts.

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin was at Walpole Island on Thursday morning to announce that Walpole Island will become a flagship school for numeracy among First Nation schools across Canada. It is hoped that the numeracy program will eventually spread across Canada.

The funding for the five-year project will come from the Martin Aboriginal Educational Initiative, a charitable organization.

Martin is familiar with Walpole Island. During the announcement held at the school’s gymnasium, he recalled how he used to come up to Walpole Island in the summer with his dad, former Liberal cabinet minister Paul Martin Sr. The pair would meet with Walpole Island band council and then go on fishing excursions. Read More.